Voentry Let's Core Competencies Flare

Voentry let’s Your Core Competencies flare !!! 

Your Marketing Plan

Voentry develops your marketing plan for a target market, researches this market in detail and advices SME’s on the opportunities and pitfalls.

Voentry develops international marketing strategies according a proven method. A professional marketing plan is not limited to how to find prospects. The internationalization strategy should also focus on the restrictions that a particular market, industry or country raises. Bypassing these boundaries in a creative and effective manner is Voentry’s added value.

Your company has a good feeling on where new chances exist or arise. You have the intention to explore the market and to start with acquisition. You may even visit clients, exhibitions and congresses in the target segment. You might hire a new employee or contract an agent or representative. You have the feeling you are on the right track. On a strategic level you shift your attention to other priorities. After several months (during a holiday) you think about new areas to explore. At that moment you come to the conclusion that your previously defined target market has not been successful yet. Your newly assigned employee that should focus on the new target segment defends himself with other priorities that consumed his time. Also your representative in the target market has enough excuses why he did not turn his assignment into business. Where did it go wrong?

We have all been taught that we need to plan. Why do we forget this important lesson in day to day business? It probably has to do with having the right resources at the right time. At the time you had the right resources, you were happy to redirect your focus, but the necessary written plan was missing.

Voentry provides you with an industry overview, a list with key players, logistical contacts, other supporting service contacts and a plan of approach. In the final report a step by step plan is presented with milestones and evaluation moments prepared specifically for your company. The report is about 20 pages and is the basic requirement for any internationalization project covering a market entry.

Voentry can assist you throughout the complete process of entering a foreign market. Besides the basic market entry package we offer an active lead generation service and a business development package. During active lead generation Voentry will find contact persons within target companies. Business development goes one step further and identifies the decision makers or project group members within the client’s organization.