Voentry Let's Core Competencies Flare

Voentry let’s Your Core Competencies flare !!! 

Basic Market Entry Package

Voentry provides an overview of the foreign market, with key players, possible logistical and other service partners, pitfalls, custom regulations and a step by step entry plan.

At Voentry market entry plans are not a school paper on macro-economic characteristics. At Voentry we expect every entrepreneurial person to be able to find this information from behind his computer. Where this research stops, Voentry starts.

Voentry looks to the market to find the opportunities. Of course, obstacles might be present, but how these obstacles can be overcome is where Voentry puts its focus.

The market entry plan provided by Voentry will identify target companies and investigate the "what-if question. What if a new client places an order tomorrow? What actions do you need to take and on what terms can you accept the order? The advantage of this approach, is the fact that all uncertainties are known at the preparation of your first commercial proposal. You are not depending on answers from your intermediary, insurance company or logistical partner. In case you need local partners, the list will be provided in the report.

The step by step market entry plan provides details to turn the target companies into leads and to turn the leads into clients. The market entry plan will provide input for the different steps, it outlines milestones and evaluation moments. With this plan you can appoint one of your sales employees or a commercial intern to start with the first steps into the new market. You will have hands-on evaluation criteria, which can be measured objectively.

The basic market entry plan Voentry provides will give you the comfortable feeling that you are on track or where to adjust your course.

Voentry has prepared these plans for a number of companies. All of them are custom prepared papers, which gives a higher success rate.