Voentry Let's Core Competencies Flare

Voentry let’s Your Core Competencies flare !!! 

Inspiration is Everywhere, especially Online

The internet is full of interesting material. The most inspiring content is shared by one of the following websites and blogs.

TREW Marketing

TREW Marketing is a marketing agency serving engineering and technology companies and organizations. The agency is founded by two marketing specialists in 2008. Their website provides valuable content in the field of marketing to engineers.

IMT (Industrial Marketing Today)

The veteran, Achinta Mitra, shares his knowledge on this website. He has founded Tiecas Inc. in 1987 and has been working exclusively with manufacturers and industrial companies. Achinta is an engineer himself, which has proven to be adding to his success.

Tiecas Inc.

The company founded by Achinta Mitra. See IMT (Industrial Marketing Today)

Digital Marketing for Engineers Blog

Blog about all kinds of marketing matters in relation to technical services. It is published on engineering.com. Besides blogs they organize webinars on a regular basis and publish “Engineering Marketers’ Campaign Plans Research Report” on an annual basis.

ThomasNet RPM

ThomasNet RPM is a marketing agency publishes several posts in relation to Marketing to Engineers. Some eBooks, mainly in relation to content and other inbound marketing tools, can be downloaded from their website. The company is relatively young (founded in 2012), but seems successful.

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