Voentry Let's Core Competencies Flare

Voentry let’s Your Core Competencies flare !!! 

VOBlog - Inspire by Highlighting Basics of Selling and Marketing.  

As a marketing and sales professional in industrial sectors, I cannot familiarize myself with all traditional commercial theories. Therefore I am trying to look at the basics of selling to industrial clients. The blog I share with my audience on a regular basis is hardly providing new insights, but focusing on the truly valuable tools that are available to the sales force. Along the way many tips and tricks are shared.

My goal with this blog is not only to share information. It is a way of expressing my availability to take on special commercial assignments. The content I share is of general use to sales and marketing people. The services I offer connect the basics of my blogs to my market knowledge of industrial sectors. Therefore the target audience of my blog is much wider than the group of companies I try to serve, which mainly are small to medium sized companies that are trying to extend their business into new markets. These companies provide technological services or customized products. The companies typically have got a good track record in one or more segments, but have a hard time to enter industrial markets, like upstream and downstream oil and gas, chemical, energy, shipbuilding and marine.