Voentry Let's Core Competencies Flare

Voentry let’s Your Core Competencies flare !!! 

Cross Border Prospect Nurturing

In my previous blog I discussed prospect nurturing in general. When you are crossing borders to find your prospects, the distance in kilometers or culture can become an additional hurdle. This blog focusses on the nurturing process involving prospects at significant distance, e.g. another continent.

Global Markets, Local Habits

Markets are getting more and more global. Local habits on the contrary change very slow and are different in every part of the world. Besides that you cannot visit all your prospects if they are based all over the world. Every prospect deserves proper nurturing, since you invested time to turn him into a prospect. Your prospect also needs to share this feeling.

Proper Planning is Key

Your time is finite and you should lay the focus where it should be. You have to prioritize your efforts. A geographical perspective makes most sense, because you might be able to combine different prospects in your itinerary. Your first priority is based on the specific market chances. Also the requirement to qualify promising leads in a certain area will influence your prospect nurturing agenda.

Cultural Dimensions

The world famous research by Professor Geert Hofstede, can be used to make your prospect nurturing planning. In countries where Power Distance is great, your prospect wants you to be a senior representative of your company. In collectivistic cultures there is a bigger need for face-to-face contact, which requires more frequent visiting. Prospects in individualistic countries are OK with a phone call now and then. You might pay them a visit whenever there is a real opportunity. In countries, with a long term orientation in combination with high score on collectivism you might need to pay visits at several levels in the company. In this way you show your willingness to invest in a long term B2B relationship.

“Make your prospect aware of your “Nurturing Agenda” and commit to this agenda on the long term. Your prospect will feel valued and heard”.