Voentry Let's Core Competencies Flare

Voentry let’s Your Core Competencies flare !!! 


Turning your lead into prospect


When your lead is showing interest in your product or service, is it a prospect straight away? Sales people often answer this question with a firm “yes”. They are happy to move their lead down the funnel. I believe these sales people miss an essential step. Before you identify your lead as a prospect you should join his opinion that your company can be of added value, you have checked for budget availability and you have an idea of the decision power of your lead.  

“Do Not make your sales funnel fat at the bottom”  

A joined journey down the funnel


As a matter of fact, your lead qualifies you, your company and services and finds added value in your (type of) services. He is ready to go down your funnel, although he is not aware of the slope. You will join him in case you answered to the above three questions positively (desire you can fulfil, budget and decision power).  

Share your vision of the ride


Your prospect should have an idea about the journey you and he are going to take. During the lead qualification process you might already have outlined your typical commercial process. Once you and your prospect are confident your relationship will be mutual beneficial (turning lead into prospect), you will also agree on the commercial process you and your prospect will follow. In that way your prospect will not be surprised about the steepness of your slope down the funnel. You and your prospect manage expectations and give each other the possibility to disqualify during the rest of the process.  

Qualification continues


Qualification is not over after adjusting the status of your contact in your CRM system. Once your contact became a prospect the qualification process will continue. The percentage of disqualifications in this phase will be much lower.