Voentry Let's Core Competencies Flare

Voentry let’s Your Core Competencies flare !!! 


Know your client’s client

When you are active in an industrial environment, it is unlikely you are supplying to the end user. Your client will have a client as well. In fact, the client of your client is his main stakeholder. Whether the opinion of the client of your client is influencing the buying decision or not, as a subcontractor you should know the client of your client.

“Know your supply chain and your client will get a feeling of comfort when subcontracting to you.”  

Feeling of Control


Let’s presume you are building your new residence. You have found a contractor that you believe will perform the construction to your wishes at the agreed budget. You hand him a contract and what happens? You lose control, or at least the feeling of control. You get the feeling, because you have no idea what is happening at the job side. Luckily your contractor has subcontracted plumbing services to a friend of yours. This is the kind of feeling that the client of your client in the industrial settings wants to have as well. By making yourself known deeply into the industry your client will have a better chance of winning the projects he is pursuing.  

Support your client to win business


You might have a good network, of which your client could benefit. When you have established a strong relationship with your client, he already knows that you use your network to support his business. You could support his marketing efforts by sharing his content, mentioning his portfolio during meetings and directing him to the right persons in other organizations.  

Extra ears


Since you are probably offering in competition, information of your client’s client will help you in preparing the best proposal. The client of your client has certain requirements, which are not always shared throughout the supply chain. By expressing your acquaintance with the procedures and requirements of your client’s client, you will be regarded as a smaller risk and reliable partner.