Voentry Let's Core Competencies Flare

Voentry let’s Your Core Competencies flare !!! 


Do not disqualify before asking for referral


During the qualification process you investigate if your lead and you have a match. In case you do and meet the qualification criteria (Read Blog: Qualification or disqualification) you can start prospecting. Since you took the time for the qualification process you should not forget to get everything out of your disqualified lead. Your disqualified lead has listened to your story or read your email. He is able to identify what challenges you could solve.

Outline your Target Group


During your first qualification attempts express who you normally do business with. The lead will start thinking first if he fits the profile. If he does, he will remain responsive to your questions and story. If he is not, he will start thinking how to get rid of you. Try not to push him, but ask who you should contact. Your lead probably has a different network as you do. For him it might be the fastest route to get out of the discussion with you, to present you with another person’s name.

End Call by asking for Referral


Referral is powerful tool in the lead generation process. By asking your disqualified lead, who to contact best you not only obtain a new lead, but you can also use the name of the disqualified lead to bring you a warm introduction to your new lead. It will help you to start the conversation with your new lead. The chances of qualification increase significantly and the sales process in general will run smoother.

Thank you disqualified lead


Once you have contacted the referred person and you have investigated if there is a match, communicate the outcome to your disqualified lead. Thank him for the introduction. Let him know what you and the new lead have been discussing and what the next steps will be. Your disqualified lead will feel himself important. He might contact your new lead to discuss your services. You will be amazed about the resopons you will get of your disqualified leads.