Voentry Let's Core Competencies Flare

Voentry let’s Your Core Competencies flare !!! 

Your Ideal Industrial Client

Your ideal client does not exist, does he? Is the person with technical and commercial authority your ideal client? These are some of the questions you need to have answered during the initial stages of the sales process. You should be able to find out you ideal client profile before the acquisition process, because you know your business very well. If you are in a business with complex Decision Making Units, or you serve several different companies in the supply chain you might need to identify the Ideal client profiles for the different segments. Once you identified your Ideal Industrial Client the whole sales process will run smoother.

The Characteristics of your Ideal Industrial Client

The type of decision authority is probably leading in your Ideal Client Profile. There is a clear distinction in commercial decisions and technical decisions. The authority is seldom with one person in your prospect’s organization. Nevertheless the persons sharing these authorities are interdisciplinary influencers to other persons. You can prepare your contact person for this battle, by providing him understanding of the aspects of the other discipline. So, help your technical decision maker with providing him the high level commercial benefit of your system. In this way you will help him convince his colleague(s). 

You could also further specify you Ideal Industrial Client by thinking of the gender, age, demographics, past experience, length of employment within the prospect’s organization and many more criteria. Above all the job title will give you a good idea of the profile of your counterpart. Identification of your Ideal Client Profile might be realized efficiently by evaluating your best client’s organization and the contact persons which contributed to the success.

How to get to the Ideal Client

You might need to pass a gatekeeper. In traditional marketing literature the gatekeeper is often referred to as the receptionist or secretary, but in modern Industrial Marketing it more often is an (design or project) engineer. This engineer is studying the technical alternatives. You should assist the engineer to steer the results of his study work. If you succeed in your “advisory role” the door of the office of your Ideal Industrial Client will open.