Voentry Let's Core Competencies Flare

Voentry let’s Your Core Competencies flare !!! 

Get Pro-activity on the Agenda

Being proactive costs energy, because it requires someone to step out of his routine to do an activity which is not prescribed. If often involves someone to get out of his comfort zone. The “Things to do list” is long and there is nobody pushing for the proactive activity. The proactive activity will end at the bottom of the list.  

Sales meeting

The sales meeting can be used to enforce routine behavior. During the sales meeting the open opportunities are discussed, which enforces behavior to track open opportunities in detail. What if we could expand this to proactive behavior? By discussing the topic at every sales meeting, proactive behavior obtains more focus. It becomes normal.  

Things to do list

Sales people are often dragged into day-to-day operations. The organization seems to regard them as flexible resources for overcoming operational challenges. Sales people embrace this development, because it keeps them from performing out of their comfort zone. It gives them some kind of feeling of importance and feel appreciated by their colleagues. However their focus should remain at sales and helping clients to buy. One of the main activities on every “sales things to do list” is proactively get in contact with prospects.  

Top of agenda

The sales meeting can be used to enforce the believe that finding new prospects is important. By not discussing it on a regular basis, the sales person will get an excuse to shift his attention to helping existing clients, when the rest of the organization should already have taken over.  

“Make sure that pro-activity is on the agenda of every sales meeting to highlight the importance.”  

Pro-activity struggle

Sales people can learn from each other. Sharing their experiences and believes in regards to pro-activity will help sales colleagues. We all like to hear that we face similar challenges as other people. We share the struggle: let’s discuss and learn from each other!!