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Behavioral Change in Sales (2)


In the previous VoBlog we started with challenging ourselves for behavioral change. We changed the theory described in the book “Unconscious Branding” of Douglas van Praet to our benefit, which is behavioral change in Sales. I explained the first two steps of the 7 step process: Interrupt the pattern and creating comfort. Hopefully you prepared yourself for the next steps to behavioral change.  

“Let VoBlog be your inspiration, but understand: you need to do the hard work yourself.”  

Lead the Imagination


Imagine a possible outcome is the most fun part of the exercise. This part of the behavioral change process can also be used by sales managers to motivate their sales people. Motivation to change behavior has to be developed in this phase. The better you are able to imagine the desired result of the process, the better your results will be and the more efficient you will get to your goal.  

Break down your goal into smaller portions. It does not make sense to have an early retirement goal, when you work on behavioral change. However, the behavioral change might get you a small step closer.  

It is better to have an internal motivation, which will benefit your day-to-day life. You might want to go on a holiday with your family once a year. This will cost you a certain amount. The money will not be your main drive for change, but your internal desire to go on this family vacation will be. You might agree to yourself whenever you have realized your weekly target, you grant yourself an extra day of holiday. Be creative when using your imagination.  

As a sales manager you can boost the behavioral change by rewarding changing behavior with an incentive. In the previous example, the incentive can be making available free time, arranging (parts of) the desired holiday or financial rewards. Be careful with financial rewards, because they have a short term effect and create expectations for the future and within the sales team.  

Shift the Feeling


We have not shown the new behavior yet, because we have some negative thoughts. This might find its roots in pessimism, no feeling of appreciation, laziness, or otherwise. Try to identify the root cause to this feeling. Maybe you have developed a certain believe throughout your career, which prevents you to take the next step.  

“You need to eliminate the excuses for not committing to your objectives”.  

It is better to find out what causes you to whimp out, than to require all kinds of commitment devices.  



Work on the four first steps of behavioral change. The next VoBlog will cover the last three.