Voentry Let's Core Competencies Flare

Voentry let’s Your Core Competencies flare !!! 


Sales meetings are a welcome break from daily hectic. It provides time to relax. Let yourself be entertained by your manager and sales colleagues. Tell everyone some BS story about your current opportunities to quiet everyone down, so you can enjoy your relaxing coffee. I really enjoy these bi-weekly meetings during which I do not need to be proactive. If you want to have your sales force to enjoy the same experience, do not keep reading this blog!!

Microsoft Outlook has this great feature called Reoccurring meetings. It does allow you to not think of the contents of the meeting you initiate. It just pops up routinely.

“Do me a favor: stop the routine and start thinking of the contents of this valuable sales meeting!!”

Get Motivation on the Agenda

Do not spend more than 20 minutes on the open opportunities and skip to more abstract topics. In the end, motivation is determining your success. The goals of your company might not be the same as the personal goals of your salesforce. It is more likely that these motivations differ a lot. By exploring each other’s motivation, you will learn what triggers people to get the best out of themselves. As a manager, you will be able to align the personal objectives with yours. Do not be afraid of the personal conversation.

Sales is tough

For any person it is tough to be proactive most of the time. Motivation will make the difference. You should understand the different forms of motivation. There are positive and negative motivations, which can be divided in long and short term. Negative motivation on the short term might be someone to be afraid of losing his job. Positive long term motivation might be achieved by visualizing early retirement.

Motivation exploration

Questions you might ask to help your team find their individual motivation:

-        Of what were you most proud since last sales meeting

-        What is your personal consequence of not achieving your goal, closing the deal, etc.

By sharing motivation within your team, you will accomplish deeper relations. These relationships will help your team to fight daily motivational challenges.


“Sales teams learn to be tough, which often results in not sharing feelings. Get some feminine touch and you will be surprised of the results.”