Voentry Let's Core Competencies Flare

Voentry let’s Your Core Competencies flare !!! 


Let Your Client Evaluate the Sales Process

As a Sales professional your “service” is never measured. You are always judged on your performance in terms of turnover. Your manager provides you with financial goals and is not very interested in your behavior during the sales process. Your prospect will be of great help, if you would only ask for feedback.

Your (potential) client experiences the sales process in another fashion as you do. You think you have an idea about the feelings of your counterpart. Besides that, your judgement is partially based on the expectations from your organization.

Ask you client for feedback

The sales process is characterized by some general phases, during which the performance of your organization is measured. You are either invited to provide a quotation, or not. You will win the contract, or not. At every stage you, as a sales professional, might have performed very well, but your organization is not meeting the requirements of the client. When you aks your client for feedback on the offer your company has provided. Ask him for feedback on your own performance as well.

The feedback will surprise you

The client has a feeling about your role in your organization. He might feel you are in the lead or you are being led by others within your organization. He might be pleased with your limited role or wants you to be more persuasive within your own organization.

The client might think you should have called him more often to get some further information, or he might feel you have called him too often with irrelevant enquiries. You, on the other hand, feel the opposite way. You might have thought that you should not claim your client’s time too much before an offer has been submitted. Your manager might think you did not contact the client enough after the offer was submitted. In the end the feedback of the client is what counts.

The feedback will bring you further to the next contract

By asking for feedback, you show your vulnerability and your desire to improve. You will notice that the relationship with your client will improve..