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Voentry let’s Your Core Competencies flare !!! 

Sales process for non-sales people

‘Sales’ is one of the critical processes within your company. The importance of a solid sales process is obvious, but do your non-sales colleagues understand what you are trying to accomplish?

“During a meeting with a potential client, I had to kick my colleague three times against his ankle before he stopped what he was doing. He did not understand.”

Common understanding

It makes sense to make sure your colleagues are aware of the sales process you are using. This will avoid you kicking ankles during a meeting with a client. You and your technical colleague are on the same team. Your client will either take disadvantage of your colleague’s goodness or he will be confused about the process-to-follow.

Rules of the game

You and your client have committed to a certain sales / buying process. Your colleagues should follow the same process to avoid misunderstanding. You can explain the chosen process before every client meeting, but it is more efficient to have your colleagues understand your sales process. Some sales activities might not be natural to technical persons, so they need to become acquainted.

Communicate your sales process

It should be repetitive training for your colleagues. They need to understand the ‘why’ behind your actions. It helps to visualize your sales process and to make your colleagues aware of the stage you are in with the potential client. The visualization could also be used to explain to your client how to buy your product or service.

You can also choose to train your non-sales colleagues. You can train them yourself. In that case, be prepared that you will get a lot of ‘why’ questions. It might be worth investing in hiring an external trainer, who can explain the ‘why’s’ of the sales process you follow.

On the same planet


Sales is sometimes regarded as an island within the organization. Sales brings in business and then the rest of the organization takes over. By making the complete organization aware of the sales process and the criticality of this process, you will not feel as being a Martian.