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Exclusivity as sales factor in Industrial Service Industry

Not only in consumer good marketing the term “exclusivity” is part of a sales strategy. The concept of exclusivity can be used in industrial marketing as well. The sense of exclusivity brings a natural feeling of quality and gains trust.

Exclusivity Concept

Humans are programmed to look for exclusivity. In the selection of a partner, one is looking for exclusivity. The partner you are looking for is most probably not “available” for everyone. The “hard to get” game is as ancient as humanity and many people still get results from it.

A sense of exclusivity in the partner selection also forces you to put in the extra effort. You will not be too late for appointments and are not experiencing “no shows”. When you phone your prospective partner and you have the sense of exclusivity around you. He or she will be delighted to speak to you and will feel privileged.

Exclusivity in Industrial marketing

Although only the perspective of your prospect or client is true, you can influence his feeling. Marketing could use the concept of exclusivity to enhance many aspects of the sales process. The clients will bring in orders earlier in their buying cycle, to make sure you are available when they desire your service. Making of vis-à-vis appointments can go smoother. Exclusivity gives you, as a sales person, the advantage during negotiation.

Exclusivity in hard times

During times, when the orders do not come in as frequent as they should. You are very delighted when a prospect shows interest. Your prospect still might have the idea you offer an exclusive service. As a sales person you should keep this perspective alive. When you keep a level of exclusivity in the first phases of the sales process, you will have advantage in the remaining stages.

The appeal of exclusivity should not be confused with arrogance. Stay focused on your client. In the end you are offering an exclusive service and you choose your prospect to become your future partner.