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A universal sales template does not exist. The importance of a sales template however, should not be underestimated. The sales template is depending on your organization, your market and on the individual sales person. Failing a clear vision of your sales template is one of the main reasons for annoyance and personal failure of the sales person.  

New Colleague


Your manager believes you and your colleagues do not make enough visits. There is a sales position vacant, so your manager will search for a real “Road Runner”. A candidate replies to the vacant position and gets invited. He declares that he likes to be on the road all the time and he has done so since the beginning of his career, 20 years ago. Your boss feels, “this candidate is the person I am looking for”. He feels that the candidate will be an example for the rest of the sales team.  

The candidate gets hired and starts the month afterwards. After his introduction he wants to hit the road. Before he does so, he reports at your desk. You are making phone calls, organizing for your next proposal and do not feel like talking to your new colleague. Nevertheless you take the time and lead your new colleague through your sales template. After half an hour your new colleague skretches his head and expresses his thoughts. “Are you doing all those things?”. He wonders how he will combine that with the amount of visits he is planning to do and his boss expects him to do.  

Sales templating has strategic implications


The above example is not far-fetched. The industry is full of managers that look for sales people with skills that they feel they are lacking in their current sales people, before investigating the typical sales template within their organization and market. The example above shows there always is a sales template. It should be put on paper. It should be discussed and amended, so it is workable. The rest of the organization should be familiar with the sales template as well.  

Minimum requirements for a sales template


The sales template should describe the different steps in the sales process. How are leads generated, preferred way of lead conversion, when a lead becomes a prospect, at what point in the sales process meetings are planned and what internal processes are to be followed before a proposal can be generated. The more detailed the process is lined out the better expectations of the organization can be managed. Besides that the individual sales person will have a clear vision of his responsibilities.  

By measuring the results of every step in the sales template, the sales template can be optimized.  

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