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Planning your Works before Proposal Submission

Preliminary Planning in Commercial Proposal

The costs of your services will mainly depend on the amount of time you require to complete the requested scope of work. During the commercial stage it is important to have your level of pricing right. Preparing a preliminary planning will provide you with the comfort during price establishment and negotiation.  

“Should you share your preliminary planning in your commercial proposal?”  

Preparation of Planning

The scope of work should be described in text and in bullet point type activities and sub activities. The list should be as detailed as possible. After that, estimate the number of working hours required to complete each (sub) task.  

You can choose to adopt the practice of identifying a best and worst case scenario.  

Risk profile

Before aligning the activities, group the sub-activities to main tasks and count the hours per main task. If best and worst cases have been calculated, check the difference. The larger the difference the higher the risk profile of the main task. The risk profile can be used to optimize your planning, by aligning your expectations with the expectations of the client. It is also in the interest of your client to minimize the risk profile.  

Order the activities

After the risk profiles of the main tasks have been decreased as far as possible, estimate the size of the crew which you require to complete the scope of work. The crew size is important to place the main activities in the right order. The lead time will depend on the estimated working hours and the crew size. The longer the lead time, the more project management you will require.  


You might submit the complete preliminary planning, with all sub activities to the client. This should be a careful choice. It will give your client a lot of understanding in how you will approach the project. This might be in your benefit, because it might improve the level of trust. On the other hand your client might use it to evaluate if he can have a more (cost) efficient supplier. Especially when the risk profile is not high, it is risky to share the full preliminary planning in an early commercial stage.