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Importance of Planning in your Proposal


My client’s often only look at the price. They tend to interpret the information according to their own interest, which could be advantageous or disadvantageous to you as a sales person. Some (mis)interpretations might serve you commercially. The delivery schedule of your services may be such an aspect. If you want the preliminary schedule to be part of your client’s commercial evaluation, keep on reading this blog.  

“Be aware of the many impacts of a preliminary planning in the commercial stage.”  

Planning paragraph

Your commercial proposal should include a section that provides a high-level planning of your works. Your works will follow certain milestones and you would like to get paid accordingly to decrease the pre-finance requirements. You also want to identify when you believe the project is completed.  

Project start

In your proposal you should determine the date of commencement. This can either be a firm date or a description of the starting point. If you mention a firm date, do not forget to mention the starting conditions. There might be a need to have all required information upfront or to have a formal contract in your hand before the start date.  

Project duration

You might serve your clients on the basis of frame agreements or agreements for a fixed period of time. In that case, the end date of the contract should be clearly mentioned in your proposal. Besides that, make sure you mention a possible contract extension period or explicitly mention there is no such period.  

In case you supply an investment good or when you provide a turnkey service, be aware that you need to give an indication of the lead time. The lead time in your proposal will give your client a point of evaluation and he knows when he should provide you with a “go ahead”. You should also describe the end result in detail.  

Substantial completion

“Use the term ”substantial completion” to avoid your client from withholding payments.”  

You might want to change the wording of “preliminary completion” to “Preliminary milestone of substantial completion”. The change of wording might be taken over in the final contract. With this word you are allowed to send an invoice before completing the final punch list.