Voentry Let's Core Competencies Flare

Voentry let’s Your Core Competencies flare !!! 

Active Industrial Lead Generation

Get out in the field to get your leads. Be aware of the top of your sales funnel all the time. When you have a call with one of your suppliers or have meeting with the project team of your client, keep your goal of lead generation in the back of your mind. Active lead generation is not something you only do at a boring TV evening by surfing social media.  

Part of established business

You are active in the field more than you are aware of. You talk to your clients, to their purchasing department and to people using your product or service. All of those people know the market pretty well. Make sure you talk about their everyday life at the job. Soon you will get information on the market field you are working on. If you keep your goal of lead generation in mind, you will soon find the chance to ask if they know to whom your competition is supplying or to find out the responsible persons at their previous employer.  

Extend your sales team

Not only is your commercial department in contact with your clients. Your After Sales team and your service crew talk at different levels in the organization of the client. By providing them some basic tools and the awareness of the importance of lead generation will bring you results.  

Social Media

You can search your professional network in social media, like Linkedin, very actively. Linkedin allows you to set a lot of filters. The better you know your Ideal Industrial Client the better you will find your next leads. Once you have set the right search criteria, Linkedin lets you save the search. In case new contacts fit your search criteria, Linkedin will send you their names once a week. It pays off to get a paid subscription within Linkedin.