Voentry Let's Core Competencies Flare

Voentry let’s Your Core Competencies flare !!! 

Attending Industrial Exhibitions

In my previous blogs I re-introduced exhibitions as a good way to generate leads. Exhibitions, tradeshows and conferences are as old as the oldest profession. The time that sales were done at industrial events on a large scale are over. Nevertheless attending and visiting these organized events might bring you the required leads to fill the top of your sales funnel.  

Eliminating Cold Calls

You might even flourish at an exhibition that further cold calling is not required. You might gather sufficient leads to keep you busy until the next trade show. Your natural reluctance to make “cold calls” might be eased, since you already know your lead.  

Obtaining Referrals during Exhibitions

Normally your new leads will be unfamiliar with your company, your product and your services. It will therefore be a coincidence if the right person walks into your booth or you meet someone at the exhibition floor. Nevertheless the visitors of the industry event are familiar with networking. More than at other occasions (e.g. on the phone) they will be happy to refer one of their colleagues or network friends.  

Choose the right exhibition

When you first start to visit exhibitions you will have to find the right exhibition for you. Identifying your Ideal Client will make your quest for the right venue more efficient. Don’t we all hate it when we have visited a useless exhibition? Find comfort in the fact that you are one step closer to find the right venue.  

Visit or Participate the Industrial Segment

Participating at an exhibition will require more of your resources (especially time). Therefore you should be careful in setting your exhibition agenda. Can you only visit exhibitions without occupying a booth? Of course you can, but be aware that the people at the booths will take you more serious in case you participate at the show.