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Job Openings Tell More

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 Your client is not always willing to share the new projects he is working on. He does not share when business is not going well. He is also not always telling you that many of his employees are switching to one of his competitors. Job openings can give you an indication of all the above. 

"Track the Career pages of your client at a regular basis and you will be surprised about what you learn."

Engineers Wanted

Every stage of an industrial project or development requires its own skills. In the beginning of a project, employers search for engineers. When an increase of engineering vacancies is vacant it can mean that all engineers within the company are occupied or there are not enough engineers available. It can mean that another employer lost the contract and will have engineering over capacity. This information will be useful to market your products and services at the right time to the right company.  

Field Technicians Wanted

The increase in vacancies for field engineers and other blue-collar labor provide an indication that the project is moving into the next phase. Your client might decrease the engineering capacity and increase his field staff. Whenever you offer a service in the execution phase of a project, this is the time to react. Maybe you are too late already, but at least start to increase your selling efforts. Soon the opportunity will be lost.  

Linkedin Updates

When the project of your client is in the final stages, it might happen that many employees of your client are switching jobs. When this is the case, you will have an idea about the market position of your client for the next projects. You might choose to direct your attention to the competition of your client. The switched employees are probably working for the winning competitor. This is a good starting point for your next commercial efforts.