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Voentry let’s Your Core Competencies flare !!! 

Passive Industrial Lead Generation

Passive lead generation brings you better results during qualification. Your lead finds you and makes direct contact to your sales team. Your website is the most obvious Passive Lead Generation Tool (Read: website as passive lead generation tool), but there are many other methods to generate leads without you needing to identify them.  

The “Like” button as passive lead generation tool

The “Like” button is the most valuable tool in social media for industrial marketing professionals. Hitting the “Like” button does not conflict with the “privacy feeling”. Monitor the thumbs that hit the “like” button at the bottom of your updates. Do not forget the thumbs up of the updates of your competition.  

Printed Media as passive lead generator

There are not many cases in which printed media will bring the desired results in relation to Industrial Lead Generation. An exception might be a very specific solution or product to a clearly defined market segment with a big geographic potential. You will still need a very clever writer to get the reader into action. I believe printed media are only useful to create brand awareness in a specific market segment.  

Advantage of Passive Lead Generation  

The main advantage of passive lead generation is that you are not relying on choosing the right filters during the selection of your leads. Unconsciously we tend to disqualify potential prospects because we make wrong decisions in the selection process. This will not happen with passive lead generation.  

Disadvantage of Passive Lead Generation

The main disadvantage of the passive method of lead generation is that you are not in control directly. You can only influence the lead generation stream by trying to influence the action of the potential leads. Especially in markets where the lead is unaware of his need, it will be hard to attract his attention via passive lead generation.