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Referral as Passive Lead Generation Tool

Without a doubt Referral is the most powerful tool for lead generation. This blog is about Referral as a passive lead generation tool. The passiveness involves an action of someone who knows your company, who wants to share his enthusiasm about your company. So, putting the person familiar with your company into action is an activity. Nevertheless the referral on its own is passive.

Helping Referrals find their way

Just ask your counterpart to refer your company or you as a person. I believe this is not a rude request, so do not be afraid to ask. Make sure you specify the action, which is required by your counterpart and ask if you can be of assistance. Or just propose to provide a “template email”, which your counterpart can adjust, complement and forward to your future leads. Put yourself in CC or BCC field of the “template email”, so you can track the email. Do not forget to mention that your counterpart is free to delete your email address from the email template at his convenience.

Referral as passive or active lead generation tool

So, what is Referral as Active Lead Generation Tool? At the contrary Referral as Active Lead Generation Tool involves your contact person to hand you a lead. The difference between active and passive lies in the person required to perform the activity to make the connection between you and the lead. The main disadvantage of the active method is that the number of leads will be limited to one or two in most occasions. Your counterpart will unlikely provide you with a long list of “warm leads”. In passive lead generation you might activate your counterpart to refer your company to several possible interesting leads. The advantage of the active method is that you can take control. You can connect to the lead in your desired way.

     Referral is one of the most powerful tools in Lead Generation if it is used in the right manner.