Voentry Let's Core Competencies Flare

Voentry let’s Your Core Competencies flare !!! 

Website as Passive Lead Generation Tool

How do your leads find you and how do you get to know them. Filling in a form on a website will let more and more people shiver. The fear that you are not in control of your personal details will remain present for some time. Privacy is hot and Industrial marketing professionals have to cope with that!!

Attracting your future prospects to your website is the field of the SEO companies. They all promise to get you on top of any google listings. The real challenge of the coming years is to get in contact with the visitor of your website. I doubt your SEO company will be able to bring you the solution for this challenge. You cannot blame them, in the end they are not psychiatrists. You require someone who really understands your client.

YOU can only activate YOUR audience

You think you have identified your Ideal Industrial Client into detail, but now you have to find out what motivates him to get into action. A blog as this one will not provide you with a generic answer. Some of my ideas that might lead to your visitor-to-lead-conversion I will share with you.

Personalize Website Sections

Keep visitor on your website as long as possible by letting your visitor feel there is more to investigate that better describes his or her position. The rules of writing a news article apply. The only difference is that the visitor has more options than only stop or continue reading. Present options that keep your visitor interested to take the next step into your website. You might present options to choose his industry, then his type of company, then his project and (if you can figure it out) let him choose his own role within the project or company. The objective at every step is to activate him to leave a short note in whatever form.

In case you decide to include a fill in form in your website you might consider explaining the use of the form. “We did our best to create this website and hopefully the content is valuable to you. In return would you please share your email address with us? We will only send you one email as a follow up of your visit to our website. In case you do not wish to answer the email or get into further contact with us, we will respect it!! Your email address is motivating us, to maintain the high quality of our website.

I cannot guarantee it works, but for sure it will not harm your reputation.